Sylphase SDGPS
The software-defined GPS(/GNSS) toolkit

Type signature: (->solution)



simulate-rigid-body-dynamics [OPTION]...

Allowed options:

Option Description
--help produce help message
--sample-rate SAMPLE_RATE (=100) output trajectory packets at this rate (units: Hertz)
--initial-state-from-pipeline PIPELINE get initial state (GNSS time, position, velocity, orientation, angular velocity) from the first solution packet generated by running solution pipeline PIPELINE
--perturb-initial-velocity STDDEV (=0) add random perturbance to initial velocity with magnitude STDDEV on each axis (units: m/s)
--apply-wrench-from-pipeline PIPELINE apply force and torque obtained from running wrench pipeline PIPELINE (can be used multiple times; wrenches are added)
--delay-wrench-startup arg (=0.000000000000000000) delay startup of wrench pipeline until DELAY seconds into trajectory generation; can be used to resolve circular dependency if wrench generation depends on simulator having started
--body-mass arg (=1e3) body mass (units: kg)
--body-moment-of-inertia arg (=[[1e3,0,0],[0,1e3,0],[0,0,1e3]]) body moment of inertia matrix (units: kg-m^2) (body coordinate frame)