Sylphase SDGPS
The software-defined GPS(/GNSS) toolkit

Type signature: (raw->[raw])

The recompute-substreams node is used to change what GNSS systems the raw stream is configured for. This may be useful if you are trying to add support for more GNSS streams, but did not have the correlator implemented at the time of capturing the raw file. This node updates the metadata within the raw stream denoting it contains the GNSS streams in this list.



recompute-substreams [OPTION]...

Allowed options:

Option Description
--help produce help message
--gnss-whitelist [GNSS[,GNSS]...] consider only these comma-separated GNSS
--relaxed allow GNSS to be considered if only center frequency (rather than 90% of bandwidth) is in passband


sdgps read-raw-file foo.raw --rate inf ! recompute-substreams --gnss-whitelist GLO_L1,GPS_L1 ! write-raw-file foo_glonass_gps_l1.raw

This will read a raw file as fast as possible and modify the stream's metadata so that GLO_L1 and GPS_L1 are the only GNSS systems considered in downstream processing. This is not a lossy operation, this node does not modify the data in the stream. This node merely tells downstream nodes to only consider the GNSS systems we've listed here (i.e. you want to specifically test some subset of the GNSS systems).