Sylphase SDGPS
The software-defined GPS(/GNSS) toolkit

Type signature: (*->*)



pps-events-to-time-stream [OPTION]...

Allowed options:

Option Description
--help produce help message
--event-stream-name arg name of Event stream that triggers prints; will also match a unique prefix of a name (default: the only one available)
--event-period PERIOD (=1) period of events in seconds
--event-offset OFFSET (=0) subtract this from events' stream times
--extrapolate extrapolate to avoid gaps in time output due to dropped events
--time-stream-name arg name of Time stream to create (default: Event stream name + " (interpolated by pps-events-to-time-stream)")
--time-packet-rate arg (=10) sample rate of generated Time packets (units: Hertz)