Sylphase SDGPS
The software-defined GPS(/GNSS) toolkit

Type signature: (raw->[raw])



plot-sensors [OPTION]...

Allowed options:

Option Description
--help produce help message
--min-sample-period arg (=0) minimum width between plot points in seconds; plot points closer than this will be averaged
--x-axis-unit arg (=sec) unit of X axis (options: sec, min, hour, day)
--x-axis-absolute plot absolute stream time on X axis instead of relative to now (implied by --wait)
--detrend remove overall linear trend (due to TCXO clock frequency offset) from time plot
--wait wait for pipeline to terminate, then plot (default: live plotting)
--live-history arg (=60) duration of live history buffer in seconds
--allan-deviation plot the Allan deviation of all received time streams, IMU Accelerometer / Gyro, Barometer, Magnetometer, Time Rates, and Event Spacing
--adev-rms-reference arg also plot the Allan deviation of a white noise source with this RMS power
--adev-mask arg also plot a preset Allan deviation from a csv file
--title-suffix arg append string to plot titles
--detrend-individually detrend time lines individually (to remove differing frequency offsets)