Sylphase SDGPS
The software-defined GPS(/GNSS) toolkit



plot-csv [OPTION]... FILENAME...

Allowed options:

Option Description
--help produce help message
--filenames FILENAME plot data in CSV file(s) FILENAME
--decimation N (=1) only plot every Nth point
--plot-each-decimation-phase plot a separate line for each N possible phases of decimation
--trim-start N (=0) drop N points from start of every line
--trim-end N (=0) drop N points from end of every line
--average N (=1) average together every group of N points
--unwrap-modulo arg unwrap phase measurements modulo this number
--remove-mean subtract out per-line mean before plotting
--detrend subtract out per-line linear trend before plotting
--x-scale arg (=1) scale the x axis by this multiple on all lines
--psd FS show PSD assuming sample rate of FS
--psd-nperseg arg (=256) set welch samples per segment
--title arg override plot title
--x-axis arg override plot X axis label
--y-axis arg override plot Y axis label
--unit arg (=<unknown unit>) unit (for annotation)
--hide-annotation hide annotation
--allan-deviation also plot the Allan deviation
--adev-rms-reference arg also plot the Allan deviation of a white noise source with this RMS power (units: seconds) (only used for Allan deviation)
--adev-mask arg also plot a preset Allan deviation from a csv file
--column-filter arg (=.*) only process columns with header matching this regex
--x-column arg get X values from column with this header (default: use first column for X axis)
--add-total-line arg add an extra line with this label that is the sum of all the other lines
--show-y-zero show Y axis zero