Sylphase SDGPS
The software-defined GPS(/GNSS) toolkit

Cooked 2 is the same as observables, except NAV bits haven't been decoded, so we don't yet have origin info and phase/doppler aren't corrected for SV clock error.

The cooked2 interface is similar to cooked, except the correlation packets have turned into untagged observables packets. The new packet is as follows:

  • GNSSUntaggedObservationPacket contains:
    • Undecoded NAV bits
    • Signal ID
    • Carrier Phase
    • Doppler Shift
    • Pseudorange
    • Carrier to Noise Ratio

If the preceding cooked2 file was generated while running a sylphase-usbgpsimu2 node was ran with the --output-samples option enabled then the cooked2 packet will also contain:

  • The GNSSSamplePacket from the raw interface