Sylphase SDGPS
The software-defined GPS(/GNSS) toolkit
custom (config provider)


Usage: custom [OPTION]...
Allowed options:
--help produce help message
--imu use imu
--baro use baro
--mag use mag
--tick use tick
--gnss arg
use gnss; example: "--gnss GPS_L1,GAL_E1B,GAL_E1C --gnss GPS_L2C" creates two GNSS streams: GNSS stream 0 with 3
substreams (GPS_L1, GAL_E1B, and GAL_E1C) and GNSS stream 1 with 1 substream (only GPS_L2C)
--observation-latency arg (=0.01)
observation latency between identical gnss systems
--extra-bandwidth arg (=2)
total extra-bandwidth ratio relative to actual required stream bandwidth
--correlators arg
number of correlator taps, defaults to minimum required by tracker